This whole thing began when I decided to make a change. The change was to pursue what I liked doing, and that was reading books. Since moving to Canada and giving birth to my son, I found myself overwhelmed with the change and transitioning. The situation sometimes caused me to forget about who I was or to do the things I loved.

On December 2016, I finally made a conscious decision to list myself a few things that I would like to do before 2017. I began to ask myself to read at least ONE book every month. I decided not to start with intense, mind-boggling books, the ones I was used to reading when I was a heavy reader. I did not want to put myself off before I had even started. So I picked books that were easier and friendlier to read and to my shock I found myself lost again in love with reading, just as I was before.

Every book I read, regardless of its type or whether I choose it based on my interest has a review, has a tale. I will be sharing my feelings, my views and what I truthfully like and dislike about it on this blog. My opinions are not to please a crowd or to make myself look good. These are whole-heartedly reviews based on my take of things.

Thank you for taking the time in reading this blog, and I hope that you continue to follow my review on tales, maybe even start reading books with me?

Jeyran Main