The day my fart followed me to soccer is a children’s book written about little Timmy going to soccer practice. As always his imaginary companion, Fart, follows him everywhere. Timmy has no clue what soccer is and how to play it so he gets Fart to teach him a few things and practices before the game.

At the game, he realizes that there is a new girl called Sophie also clueless about the game. He tries to make her feel welcome and offers to teach her, his newly learned skills. She accepts and so they have play dates practicing the game.

The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey by Sam Lawrence & Ben Jackson

The book consists of colorful illustrations and the content is all about positive learning. Fart, this time around, does not play a stronger role in the story than he did before. Timmy displays the acts of kindness and willingness to help others, which makes this book sweet and suitable for kids.

If I was a Caterpillar by Ben Jackson & Sam Lawrence

I recommend this book to parents that are looking for books that are fun and still have that additional learning aspect to it.

Written by Jeyran Main