This review is written for Online Book Club.

“I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars.”

Alexia is a 15-year-old powerful witch born into a family that possesses supernatural powers. The world is divided into three covens: Allerium, Malerium, and Xelerium. Every year trials are held for young witches in order to enhance their skills and ranks. As Alexia prepares herself for the trials, an accident happens which changes her life.

To add to the injury, besides this drama, there are three sacred books, and each coven has to take care of one of them. The books consist of treaties that have been made between the vampires and the witches creating peace and balance. The one given to Alexia’s parents is stolen, and she has to find it before a storm gets brewing. Between the trials, the Council, and the moratorium it is very hard for this charming girl to focus on school. Continue Reading…