Neiko is an Indian Admiral and a strong warrior girl of Hawote, the hidden land that coexisted with the United States, Canada, and Mexico. There are seven tribes in this story. Neiko is loved by many and has the support and loyalty of her own tribe, and her allies are willing to die for her. The Crackedskulls, Prince Bloodhawk, Raven, and Francesco are all enemies of the Hawote. Many wars have been fought between them for the right to rule the land.

Francesco has visions of becoming the Pharoah of Hawote. His plan entails changing the timeline by eliminating Neiko from the present and poisoning the Bloodhawks and the Ravens. He obtains a crystal stone that gives him the ability to go anywhere he desires or to send someone else to the past, present, or the future. Francesco finds an opportunity to confront Neiko and sends her to Egypt, about three thousand years in the past, during the reign of Ramesses the Great…continue reading