This review was kindly requested by the Author, Ray Hecht.

A brutally honest portrayal of what seems to be the common mannerism of our youth and our society. Here you have four young adults living in four different ways, and each chapter discusses their addiction to technology, their odd ways of connecting to people through social media, and how they inevitably end up alone due to their initial wrong approach.

The routine for picking up girls for Jack is all too easy. He searches for low-esteemed girls that are desperate and therefore are “accessible for action.” Once he is satisfied, he moves on to the next. Just reading Jack’s story was upsetting never mind wanting to accept that our society has become this way. His beliefs were that girls liked pink unicorns and romance drama no matter what kind of personality they had. He deliberately went to dates later than scheduled so he could apologize and buy a dessert, confident that he was going to be awarded in the bedroom because of it. Two questions came to mind while reading this. Have our girls become that shallow, stupid and naïve? Do we really believe that girls are giving away their virtues for a meal? Continue Reading…