This review was kindly requested by Dori Hoxa.

Assassin is the first book of the starlight saga which is a science fiction story written about a girl named Star Watson. She is an ordinary teenager with even more ordinary dreams. However, someone places something really important in her mind without her knowing, placing herself and her family in danger while making her “The Keeper.”

“I hide in plain sight, do not speak. Do not seek. Do not think of The Unique. You shall only sneak a peek, do not ever let it leak.”

The Council’s Academy is situated in a world called Lyndor. It is run by fourteen of the strongest supernatural that govern over the shapeshifters, vampires, warlocks, Nephi’s and demons. They train Star to become an Assassin, and she begins to do the dirty work for them. The world is full of superpowers, immortals, and mortals with extraordinary abilities that walk on earth and are unknown to humans. Continue Reading…