The land of Liansea is constantly corrupted and ravaged by the Immortals. They kill, commit genocide, poison the minds of mortals and conduct many more horrific crimes until Cabbah arrives.

Cabbah eliminates all of the Immortals except five. She appears to have stronger powers and possesses more love for the world and the humans living in it. Instead of killing the five left, she awards them with different punishments. For instance, she awards one with the responsibility of being the Gatekeeper to the underworld and awards another, the Godhood of being responsible for the peace, protection, and prosperity. As Cabbah reaches Lizia and Fayet (twins), she bestows the responsibility of mothering, fate, and prophecy to Lizia and leaves Fayet to guard her.

They can all become free of this forced duty until they learn to love, mend what they have corrupted and to pay their penance. Continue Reading….