[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of “Solaris Seethes” by Janet Mcnulty]

Solaris Seethes is a science fiction story written about a girl named Rynah, whose planet has been destroyed. She manages to escape using her grandfather’s ship named Solaris. In order for Rynah to restore her planet, Solaris informs her about the legend of six crystals and the power of the four heroes.

“Six Crystals in evils grasp:
One Lone exile with fury’s wrath.
Four you need from thirteen:
Four heroes of faith and belief.”

Rynah is reluctant to believe this story yet complies, as Solaris actually leaves her with no choice. Solaris is the ship’s artificial intelligence, which means it can self-operate and has an independent mind. Rynah’s grandfather used to own Solaris and had bought the ship when it was decommissioned from the military, fifty years ago. He spent his entire life researching the lore of the crystals and attempted to locate them in order to investigate what powers they held. Continue Reading…